Nurturing Tips

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  • Pregnancy: An Amazing Time in My Life

    This month we are honoring Pregnancy Awareness Month; therefore I find it only befitting to write a post relating to my pregnancy.

  • Choosing to Make our own Baby Food

    Unlike deciding on whether or not to breastfeed, choosing to make our own baby food was something I knew I would want to do before I even became pregnant. Not sure why, it’s just something I wanted to try as a new mom and am very happy we did.

  • The Perfect Way to Capture your Pregnancy

    If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant I would highly recommend starting a blog, or some type of journal to capture the wonderful and not so wonderful things that will happen during your pregnancy

  • Balancing Work & Family

    Boy do I wish I had it. The key that is to balancing work and family! I am going to be completely up front and say I definitely do not have the key, but I can certainly share some of my own personal experience as a new mom.

  • Becoming a New Mom

    Yes, becoming a mom was by far the best experience of my life, but it was also the scariest.  I love my little guy more than I can possibly express through words but those first couple months were very hard for me.  Most of the stories my friends and family shared with me were heartwarming, yet only a few tried to tell me what it was REALLY going to be like.

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