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When he first started on “real” food, I used jarred baby food for the first week or two and introduced them slowly in case he had food allergies. After ruling out any allergies, though, I realized that I wanted to give him the healthiest and tastiest foods I could, so I started making my own baby food.

To my surprise, it was really easy! I loaded up on organic fruits and vegetables during my regular grocery shopping, and then spent two to three hours steaming, pureeing, and freezing big batches of baby food. During a single session, I could make enough to last him for at least a month or so.

Before starting, I did a little research to find recipes, but most of my inspiration came from looking at jarred baby food. I began with the basics (carrots, squash, sweet potato, apples, and peaches), and worked my way to more interesting combinations like bananas with blueberries and yogurt, or pumpkin with oatmeal and cinnamon.

Now that my son is a toddler, he loves eating the same meals as mom and dad. And when it’s time for our new baby to eat solid foods, I’ll be back to making baby food again!

Did you make your own baby food? What recipes did your little one love?

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