Nurturing Tips

  • Natural vs. Organic and What’s Best for Your Baby

    With people’s increasing awareness about the health risks posed by pesticides, GMOs, and synthetic hormones used in conventional agriculture, more food companies are taking steps to bump up the natural factor of their products.

  • Infant Sleeping Safety

    As any new parent will tell you, having a baby can be exhausting. In addition to all of the new demands of raising a baby, persevering through sleep disruptions and deprivation takes a near Olympian stamina. But, in your efforts to get your little bundle of joy sleeping peacefully, be sure to take the below precautions into account to ensure safe sleeping habits.

  • SIDS Awareness

    Becoming a parent opens up new landscapes of emotion within us:  new hopes, fears, delights, and sorrows. It’s a combination of raw emotions that leave you feeling more vulnerable than you could have ever imagined - like walking around with your heart outside of your body. There is no magic moment when you stop worrying, and sometimes, even when we do everything right, the unthinkable could still happen. The fragility and unpredictability of life underscore how precious each life is.

  • Do You Have Questions about Feeding Baby Safely?

    Most parents are concerned about what is and isn’t safe to feed their baby. I like to keep it as simple as possible because there are so many benefits from feeding baby a wide variety of foods – both nutritionally and for helping baby develop as an adventurous eater. However, there are some safety guidelines that I recommend adhering to for babies:

  • Are Pacifiers Good for Baby?

    Infants are hardwired to need and enjoy sucking, not just during feeding, but as a separate experience. Infants turn to sucking most when they are tired, bored, or in need of comfort. Some infants appear to need non-nutritive sucking more than others. With the dawn of prenatal ultrasounds, we’ve learned that some babies enjoy non-nutritive sucking even before they are born.

Dr. Greene

Dr. Greene is a practicing pediatrician, author, speaker, children’s health advocate, and father of four.

Dr. Levine

Dr. Alanna Levine is a New York based pediatrician and a mom of two children.

Most colic solutions help in about one third of babies, but it’s hard to predict which babies will benefit. Combining remedies is often the most helpful.
- Dr. Greene